You’ve already written a book and didn’t even know it

  1. Earn passive revenue from your blog posts by publishing a book.
    1. Let your blog content work for you! Your Author Hero will work with you to custom design a book cover, interior, and pricing strategy to publish your blog as a book to the world’s largest retailers.
  2. Turbo charge your SEO
    1. With a published book on major stores such as, your book page will start to rank high in the search engines for the topic of your book, any keywords you have in your book title and description, including your blog and your own name! Your Author Hero will work with you to get your keywords properly inserted into these listings.
  3. Attract new readers
    1. By being listed for sale worldwide shoppers who have never stumbled upon your blog will learn about your book and you can bet once they read your book they will be checking out your blog.
  4. Enhance Your Brand
    1. Adding “Published Author” to your credentials can help build your brand as much as any marketing tactic.
    2. Reach your audience with your message in a better reading format
    3. Your brand sitting on the desk, coffee table, bookshelf, ipad or kindle (instead of just a digital bookmark)
    4. Books are the new business cards. Give them out, no one throws away booksJ
  5. Become More Valuable
    1. Having “Author” status immediately makes you a legitimate expert
      1. Lectures / Speaking Engagements
      2. Guest Blog / Other Writing Opportunities
  • Industry Expert / Authority / Thought Leader
  1. Interviews / Podcasts
  2. PR Announcements / Opportunities
  3. Sell other products, services, workshops, etc.
  1. Your Book done Your Way
    1. Your Author Hero will produce your book using your input.
      1. Custom Cover and Interior Design
      2. Determining on your retail price, your book description
  •  You retain 100% of the rights to your content
  • You receive 100% of the royalties for every sale of your book